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Knee Pain


Knee pain is a very common disorder that can have several causes. These include arthritis to the knee joint or kneecap, traumatic injury to the knee causing damage to cartilage or ligaments of the knee, cyst formation, bursitis, tendonitis to name a few.

Knee pain can also be caused by strength or flexibility impairments of the lower extremity.

Mechanism of Injury

Knee pain may occur due to one specific injury such as a direct blow to the knee, twisting or landing awkwardly on the knee or can occur from gradual repetitive strain over an extended period of time.


Symptoms are variable and may include general or localized swelling, tenderness to touch, pain with movements or weight bearing, catching or popping sensation, locking of the knee, and stiffness/limited mobility.

Physical Therapy Intervention

Rec Center Physical Therapy can be the first line of defense for those suffering from knee pain in order to restore full function at the knee while eliminating pain. Your physical therapist will focus on determining the exact cause of knee pain and then implement specific exercises to address areas of weakness, modalities to decrease pain and swelling and establish a thorough home exercise program for continued relief and prevention of re-injury.